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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Some troubleshooting Feedback

Just an update on a couple of issues we've heard about.

Push to Talk
This doesn't work at the minute - should have but doesn't. We have  patch with Apple at the minute which should sort all these problems out but will need a new server download from Mediafire. Our fault. Sorry.

Severe Lag
One user reported severe input lag, when tapping on a button it took a period up seconds for his computer to respond to the command, if at all. This has been solved, the answer is to open port 5583 up for the iPad on your firewall. If you are unsure how to open ports please consult Google with a phrase such as "Open Ports on (Router name)"

We hope these alleviate some problems for people. The new versions will hopefully be out Monday or Tuesday - it's all in Apple's hands right now.

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