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Clarke Apps is a small start up group dedicated to delivering fun and/or useful applications to the iOS user base. We have a number of apps already on the iTunes App Store so why not check us out? Just search for D Clarke to find out more.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Live at Last!

Link to App Store
Hey everyone,

Just here to let you all know about our new iPad application.

We call it Tap Play, and it's an exciting new way to control your
World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online or any other MMO, Action using your iPad.

Using just your iPad and a small server application on your Windows or
Mac PC you can control your spell casting and gain access to regularly
used commands at the touch of a finger. Think of all that finger
stretching reaching to press Alt and 0 together - gone! Much faster
game play for all those situations where speed really does matter - the difference between life and death in your next PvP match!

Check out our
YouTube Video

Facebook Page
folllow us on Twitter @ClarkeApps

The app includes bound keys for items such as the different power
trays, spellbook, bag access and many more. It can also be used with a
number of other MMO's (so long as they support key binding or key
reconfiguration) so why not check us out? We're also running a small
competition on our Twitter at the minute so take a look.

Available on the App Store:

Any questions please give us a shout, we'd love to hear from you.

This is the creation of myself and my wife (who also plays) she's been testing it for the last month or so and loves it, makes controlling in space so much simpler, check it out.

Now for the trick - to get a chance to win a promo code, entitling you to a free copy of the app simply follow us on Twitter (@Clarkeapps) or Like us on Facebook, for every 100 follows/likes we will give away one promo code (up to a maximum of ten) Codes are available to anyone, but can only be redeemed in the US App Store (Apple rules, not mine)


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  2. I am trying to do the following and need help:

    1. How do I get the PTT to work with Ventrilo in STO?

    2. The number keys work fine from 1-0. However the CTRL range of numbers and the ALT range of numbers behave just like the regular number keys from 1-0. Is there something i need to do differently?

    Here is my setup:

    1. Macbook Pro running STO in STO UMV 1.2b5 Wrapper . The keyboard shortcut works fine with the keyboard.
    2. I am using your mac app + ipad app.

  3. I think I spoke to you on the STO forums am I right? Recognise the post if not the name, I've been toying with this overnight and the Vent should work fine once the new update (in review now) works it's way through - we're just pending Apple on that one.

    As for the other issues, I still come back to that being to do with you running in some sort of virtualisation I'm afraid, if you can email me details on how to set up such a wrapper I'd be happy to try and troubleshoot it for you.