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Monday, 4 October 2010

Upcoming features

So we're looking at what's coming up in Tap Play in future updates.

1) A Lite version of the App - not very interesting if you own it? Perhaps not, but we hope it'll bring in new custom which will allow us to fund future development. The Lite version will be heavily limited though so fret not.

2) iPhone functionality - this will allow you to navigate, walk, steer - whatever your toon does, using your iPod touch or iPhone - this is nearing readiness, just requires sometime to actually get it done - the tech's there, the time isn't. ETA? End of the month.

3) Customisable Key Presses - Well we've heard you on this, we think we know how to do it, but it'll come after the iPod/iPhone update which is relatively straight forward - ETA - Unknown

4) More buttons - A couple of people have requested more buttons, we'll probably add this in with the customisable key presses as it'll make most sense then, then you can customise it all as you want.

5) More skins for more games - coming as and when our Graphic Designer has the time to make them.

Anything else you want to see in app? Let us know! We'd love your feedback here or at clarkeapps@gmail.com


1 comment:

  1. I would like to put forward:
    EVE Online

    Being able to map buttons to ship functions, navigation controls, etc would be another great addition to Tap Play. The upcoming expansion is revamping the bindings control to allow for even more key controls for functions in the game.