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Monday, 30 August 2010

Reasons for Rejection

So, just to explain my earlier rant, because it was a little unfair on Apple, but I am heartily annoyed by this. If you've seen our Facebook page you've got an idea of what we're trying to do, and the artwork we're using.

Our email last night explained that they were unwilling to accept the application as it contained "elements from Star Trek which Paramount Movies have raised issues with in the past" Now, Apple have yet to come back to us to explain what exactly it is that's the issue so we're a little in the dark right now and unable to really progress forwards - it's kind of like stumbling around in the dark wearing a blindfold.

Now we have a few theories as to what the potential problem may be so let's outline them.

1) The use of the 'arrowhead' on the icon and the iTunes Artwork (seen on the Facebook Page) now this is what we suspect the likely culprit to be, and it's not an unfair comment if so and will take a whole 24 hours to resolve for us. That said the arrowhead was chosen as it gave the nice double meaning to the Star Trek fans (as it is very symbolic) and to Warcraft fans, with it being intended to resemble an arrowhead as an archer might use. If this the case however I'm still a bit miffed as there are other apps in the App Store that use this arrowhead for Star Trek apps - be consistent please Apple.

2) The use of the word 'Impulse' in the controls set. Again, pedantic on all parts, but if that's it, that's it and we'll change it to full speed instead - less accurate but understandable.

3) The star trek esque layout in the controller itself. Now I'd like to start off and say that this was all our own work, not one downloaded image or anything - purely based off of Star Trek rather than using official artwork, if this is it Apple really need to search for both Star Trek and LCARS in the app store - again, consistency please Apple.

Anyway we'll see what comes in the next 48 hours and go from there, it's very dissapointing for us here but hopefully it'll resolve soon, if not we'll go for a whole new graphical style but that involves time and effort and further delay on the application's launch. Ho Hum.

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